Dec 17, 2012 When Special Interests Attack

A short time ago, I posted an article on called "When Special Interest Groups Attack" about how to deal with special interest groups.  In particular, I outlined the challenges we faced with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  Because the experience was quite difficult to handle, especially since we had no previous experience with it, I thought it worthy to re-post here.  So, if you are a young, budding entrepreneur who finds yourself up against a hostile special interest group with a mob mentality, just know you aren't alone.  Here are some tips on how to handle it.

Dec 5, 2012

8 Marketing Trends for 2013

Throughout 2012, I was privy to a great deal of buzz surrounding "inbound marketing", through discussions, blogs and articles that just happen to make my read list.  In fact, I have been considering the basic elements of inbound marketing over the past year but have never put a "label" to it.  Many of these ideas were validated last month when I saw Bill Halligan of Hubspot discuss inbound marketing and the way it is transforming marketing and customer relationships.  Of course, the concept around inbound marketing has been around for a number years, and indeed Hubspot has been promoting it as a means of attracting customers for a while (a great slideshow presentation from 2010 is included below).  Now that I have been able to formalize it, I thought I'd share a few marketing trends to watch for in 2013, all of which we are considering in our marketing strategy at Wild Creations.

Dec 2, 2012

5 Non-Money Reasons For Crowd Funding

Recently, I came across a project on Indiegogo for a short, independent film called Por las Plumas / All About the Feathers.  Because I am a huge fan of indie films and an aspiring film maker myself ("aspiring" being the key term here), I was struck by the raw and enthusiastic nature of the pitch.  More important, I was genuinely excited for the possibility of the project being funded through crowd funding, a rapidly growing means of raising capital for aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors and, in this case, film makers.  It's a trend that I believe is the future of capital investment!