Nov 28, 2012

Innovative Business Networking Event MYR

If you are an inventor, entrepreneur, business leader or legislator in South Carolina, then the Business as Unusual event is where you need to be.  The idea, spawned by local CCU student Meagan Nowacoski, was conceived to bring together forward thinking business leaders and investors to network with the newest and most innovative local small businesses in the Grand Strand area.  One of the businesses being highlighted is none other than, the first crowd-funding sight for kids and kid-related products founded in Myrtle Beach by yours truly.  The event is being held on Wednesday, Dec 5 2012 at 6PM at the MYR Cowork location in Myrtle Beach, which in itself is an innovative organization supporting young and aspiring small businesses.

Nov 14, 2012

Playdate Planet

I had the great fortune recently to speak with Meryl Nieman of Playdate Planet, a website focused on helping parents organize play dates for their kids.  As she states on the site ... "Tired of all the phone calls or e-mails needed to schedule playdates for your child? So were we! That's why we created Playdate Planet."  As a dad with two young kids, we are always in search of other parents with kids the same age to meet up for a casual play date in the park (anything to distract the kids for a few hours).  It's tough, however, as both my wife and I work and attend school, so our spare time is limited.  Although the site is in beta stage, I'm excited to see how it starts to take shape.  For her podcast, we spoke specifically about Wild Creations and how we came to develop the concept for the EcoAquarium with frogs.  The podcast can be heard by listening to the file below, though I encourage you to follow the link here to receive the discount coupon code offered through the site to order your very own EcoAquarium for the holiday!