Nov 29, 2011

Cloud Traffic in 2015: What is a Zettabyte?

Cisco, the worlds largest producer of internet switches and routers, estimates that that global cloud traffic will increase 12 fold by 2015!.   This is an amazing figure, especially when you consider that traditional data center traffic (yawn) is estimated to increase 4 fold in that time ... a staggering figure in and of itself!  In all, between cloud and traditional data center traffic, data traffic is estimated to reach 4.6 zettabytes by 2015!  Zettabytes!  How big of a portable flash drive will THAT be?

Nov 28, 2011

Facebook vs Google+: Cage Match

First, there was Friendster, which faded as fast as it hit the scene in 2002.  Then there was MySpace, created in 2003 by former employees of Friendster who saw the potential of the service and realized its grave weaknesses.  MySpace showed potential, especially after being purchased by Rupert Murdoch in 2005 for a paltry sum of $580M, and it seemed poised to become the dominate social networking site for our generation.  But then they both ... faded and died.  Now, Friendster is a social gaming site focused mainly in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, and MySpace was recently sold for $35M to a small group of investors, including Justin Timberlake.  So what went wrong, and is there another big shakeout looming between Google+ and Facebook?

Nov 27, 2011

Back Away From My XBox360

This past Black Friday reminded me of two things: 1) I hate to shop and 2) people are nuts.  Before even reading about the chaos around the country after the fact, the tension from Black Friday was felt here at home in Myrtle Beach.  It turns out that an attack in a parking lot of our local Walmart (which is never a good place, by the way, regardless of the day) ended in gunshots and a wounded 55 year old woman.  The attack was eventually thwarted by her 58 year old friend who pulled her own "gat".  The news wouldn't be so disturbing if I, in my infinite selfishness, hadn't sent my wife into the fray that night in search of a mystical $39 Blue Ray player (hey, someone had to stay home with the kids ... and she is arguably tougher than me).   Luckily for us, her common sense prevailed over my nagging for HD movies when she saw the mess in the Walmart parking lot and avoided the situation altogether.

Nov 24, 2011

Thankful For ...

Since this is the time of year when we pause and give thanks for those things that we often overlook or take for granted, I thought I would reflect upon the 50 things I am thankful for on this day ... no in any order and not necessarily reflective of overall thankfulness.
Happy Thanksgiving!
1. Opposable thumbs

Nov 23, 2011

Solar Powered Everything?

The Next Green AND Solar Building?
An interesting story about solar power gives an exciting glance at the future of solar panels, which fundamentally changes the preconceived notion that solar panels need to lie flat, spread out over acres of space, and require hours of sunlight in order to be most efficient.  The new concept allows for solar panels to be built in just about any size or shape, providing potential applications to structures, towers, and even public artworks!  Could this mean that in the future, ALL structures will be made to produce solar power?  Could it mean that existing solar panel eyesores could become works of arts and spread throughout a city?  The possibilities are exciting!

Nov 20, 2011

Hubby Finds Ring In Landfill ... My Hero!

A man loses his wife's $10K wedding band, then miraculously finds it in the landfill after scurrying through mounds of waste and debris.  I'm just wondering ... that did this guy net in "brownie points"??  

Nov 18, 2011

More Autos, Less Dealerships!

Commercials ... not a fan.  (emphasis on "period")  When I see a good one, however, it makes me pause and reflect upon the power of creativity in advertising ... as well as (and unfortunately more often) the insane waste of resources that get poured into poor campaigns.  Nothing makes this point better than the car industry.  Indeed, as recently as yesterday, I saw yet another car dealership commercial in almost the identical format as every other dealership commercial ... guy in suit/woman in dress walking and talking quickly among a sea of automobiles saying, "No credit, no problem!".  It's almost comical that these companies can't find even a slight variation from the norm!

Music Google-ution!

Google Music launched on Thursday, so I now can see my favorite bands from space?  Not quite, but it does appear the new music service will give iTunes a run for its money.  Just based on the reach and scale of Google and Android (Android's market share has doubled in the last year) compared to Apple and iTunes, you would think by default the behemoth has a competitive advantage, but there does appear to be a few features in Google Music that will put iTunes to the test.

Nov 16, 2011

Occupy American Culture!

The Occupy Wall Street movement appears to have started to fizzle out, as tents are uprooted and insanely dirty laundry bags are summarily packed up.  Looking back at the "purpose" of this movement, I am reminded by the Michael Ramirez satire in Investors Daily on 11/07 that the message of these protesters has been lost ... and in a BIG way.

Nov 15, 2011

How to Instill Purpose

I am a firm believer in the "soft" management skills.  I believe too many business managers, myself included from time to time, lose focus when leading a business team toward a goal.  Sometimes, it's good to remove focus on every day tasks to focus on the big picture vision of the company, and determine if the course that is set is the best course for the time.  This requires the ability to instill purpose in those who are working in concert toward this end goal.  The article, "How To Instill Purpose", by John Baldoni, a blog contributor for Harvard Business School, was a great read for a Monday morning, and reminded me what I needed to re-focus my energy toward.

Nov 14, 2011

Handing Over The Crown

Last year, Wild Creations was recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in South Carolina for 2011 by the SC Chamber of Commerce and the Capital Corporation.  We were honored to be invited back to the SC Chamber Annual Meeting this past Thursday, 11/10, to celebrate the 2012 winners and hand over the crown.  Congratulations go to Robert Bush of Barling Bay, this years #1 fastest growing company.

Nov 13, 2011

Say It Ain't So, Joe

As a huge fan of college football, the news from the Penn State football program of sexual abuse of young children by a Penn State coach in 2002, and the subsequent cover up by the men in charge of the program, was in my opinion one of the darkest weeks in college football history. 

Nov 11, 2011

Wall College Key Note

I am humbled to have been asked by the Wall College at Coastal Carolina University to share the stage with my business partner and good friend, Rhett Power, as the Key Note Speakers for the university's conference on November 16, 2011 regarding "Sustainable Business Practices in a Changing World".    To say the least, this is a tremendous honor, and as always, I look forward to talking business with anyone who is willing to listen and talk back!

Nov 8, 2011

Entrepreneur's 4 S's for Business

Anyone who has gone to business school knows that professors love to teach about quadrants.  It would even appear that all business problems would actually fall into one of these four quadrants, and following the footnoted text would solve any business issue that arises.  I jest, but in a sincerity, these quadrants, like so many other frameworks learned at the McDonough School of Business, actually help create a foundation upon which to build the skills of an entrepreneur.  In fact, I've actually developed my own framework, from which I think I can base much of the success we've had at Wild Creations.

Nov 7, 2011

What Happened To Children's Menus?

If You Won't Eat It.
Why Make Your Kids?
I spent the good part of my first 36 years choosing the meals I wanted.  When I was young, however, it was up to my folks.  They rarely ate out, so often I had to eat what they served up.  From what I remember, it was always healthy, rarely fried or processed, and typically included meat and vegetable, and sometimes a very small desert, often fruit.  If I didn’t eat what I was served, I went hungry.  Pretty straight forward.  It wasn’t until I got hitched and inherited my wonderful stepson, Christopher, that I was suddenly catapulted to head children’s food critic for our family.

Nov 2, 2011

Asia and the GenConnect

The statistics are staggering.  Between growth in Asia and the empowerment of young generations, the influence of technology on our lives, and our businesses, is a force more powerful than we can imagine.  According to Advertising Age, here are some very interesting statistics: